Title insurance affords the best protection against faulty title, and is a vital part of any real estate transaction. Common title defects include those arising from forgeries and other frauds, errors in the public record and invalidly authorized instruments of conveyance.

Our attorneys have many years of combined experience reviewing title insurance commitments, policies and surveys, identifying and eliminating or securing insurance over title defects, and coordinating co-insurance and reinsurance. Our experience includes clearing title of potential construction lien claims to allow issuance of loan policies in connection with new loans closed while construction is in progress. We regularly interact with surveyors in connection with survey review and defects.

We help arrange title insurance as an ancillary service to our clients. Laura Gangemi has been an agent for over 30 years of all major national title underwriters. Gangemi Law Group is an agent of First American Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.